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Safflower Flower Tea 红花花茶 (100g)
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  • Safflower can be added to the food and salads
  • It is also used in making margarine
  • It can be taken directly as a extract
  • Tea

The most important benefits of safflower:

  • Maintains the health of the heart and protects it from stroke and disease; it expands the arteries, and has chemicals that dilute the blood.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol in the blood; some research suggests that adding safflower oil to the diet or consuming it as a dietary supplement helps lower cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, The proportion of triglycerides in the blood, and does not exceed the proportion of high-density cholesterol (good cholesterol).
  • Used as gargle to treat sore throat and tonsils, and clean the chest of sputum resulting from inflammation.
  • Treats joint and bone pain and rheumatism and muscle problems. Oil is used to massage the body, especially pain positions; it brings rest to the body and muscles and calms the nerves.
  • Activates and strengthens liver function.
  • It regulates digestion and acts as a laxative for intestines, reducing the incidence of constipation and urinary incontinence.
  • Saffron oil has a high combustion temperature compared to corn oil, canola oil, olive oil, sesame oil and many oils; oils that have a low degree of combustion produce free radicals Harmful, and destroy beneficial compounds in foods, so safflower oil is ideal for cooking under high temperatures such as deep fried, and it has a neutral flavor, making it an ideal choice for many recipes.
  • Smoothes and moisturizes skin and hair, keeps them healthy, and protects against facial wrinkles because it contains vitamin J.
  • may be helpful in the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Treats gingivitis and teeth, and smelling of mouth odor.
  • Protects against dysmenorrhea problems and resulting pain.
  • Decreases the proportion of fat in the abdomen, and increases the proportion of muscle and after consuming his oil for 16 weeks.
  • Protects against diabetes. It reduces the body's resistance to insulin, which is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, and lowers proteins that are a sign of diabetes. It reduces blood sugar, especially in women.
  • Protects and treats many physical problems; because it contains a high proportion of fatty acids that protect the immune system and functions of the lungs, kidneys, liver, nervous system and brain functions.
  • Protects and treats the human from many diseases and mental disorders such as obsession and depression. [7]
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